1. Explore employment opportunities for Bangladeshi worker;
  2. List profession/trade wise demand of the employment;
  3. Evaluate the skill of the worker and recommend the government about the specific need of training for workers;
  4. Recommend the government on taking necessary step to preserve the right of the workers;
  5. Prepare list of migrant workers;
  6. Visit workplace, residence of workers and report their facilities;
  7. Visit jail/deportation center/police station to prepare list of cases of imprisoned Bangladesh nationals and provide them legal supports for their release or facilitate repatriation;
  8. Record death cases, process their burial and repatriation to Bangladesh.
  9. Claiming service benefits and compensation of the deceased persons from their respective companies/ sponsors and remit the money to the concerned persons in Bangladesh.
  10. Providing legal assistance, advice, suggestion to workers in order to resolve their disputes with their sponsors and prepare their list;
  11. Forwarding application of expatriate worker to the Ministry to redress their grievances pertaining to home/property/family in Bangladesh;
  12. Verification of power of attorneys given on compensation matters;
  13. Providing financial assistance to the sick & distressed expatriate worker;
  14. Reporting important news to Ministry which are published in the Egyptian media
  15. Coordinating with the related Ministries of Egypt.
  16. Conducting motivation programs among the community people regarding law & regulation of Egypt;