Issuance of BRN (Birth Registration Number)
            The Government of Bangladesh has been in the process of implementing Machine Readable Passport (MRP), in compliance with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) guidelines with a deadline of November, 2014.
02.       In order to issue MRP, replacing the existing hand-written passports, an applicant need to have a 17 digit number, which can either be his/her National Identity Number (NIN) or his/her Birth Registration Number (BRN).

03.       The government has been gradually activating online application and processing of BRN which can be carried out by our Embassy/High Commission abroad. An applicant has to follow the procedure, as placed below, for submission of BRN application and receipt of BRN:

a. Information related to the BRN application process can be obtained from ;

b.The application form, which is available online at  can be filled up and submitted at the Embassy;

c.  All necessary certificates, as required, should be submitted with the application;

d. Fee: If anyone applies for IBRN within 45 days of birth, it will be free of charge. For any applicant who has exceeded this period the fees will be US$ 10. In case of loss of certificate, the charge will be 50 L.E